Simple Tips for Oral Health Care This Fall

Fall can be both a beautiful and busy time of year. As the leaves are turning their vibrant hues, folks are busy seeing friends and family, celebrating Thanksgiving and going to early Christmas parties which seem to start sooner every year. But while you may be busy enjoying season, you should never be too busy to take care of your teeth.
The following are some tips to help you have good oral health this fall and all year long.

Stick to a Mostly Healthy Diet

We are not going to tell you that you should never enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa or a slice of pumpkin pie, but because sugar contributes to cavities, it shouldn’t be your automatic go-to snack. Consider instead enjoying a delicious apple (they are fresh this time of year!) or crunchy vegetables like celery or carrots. These foods actually help stimulate saliva which can help protect you against tooth decay.

Also if you choose foods that are high in calcium or vitamin D, they can help strengthen your bones and tooth enamel.

Limit Foods that Stain Your Teeth

While it might be nice to enjoy the changing colour of the fall leaves, having stained teeth is not so attractive. Foods and drinks that can stain your teeth include red wine, coffee, tea and tomato sauce dishes.
Again, we’re not saying that you should never have these, but when you do try to brush your teeth shortly afterward.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Regardless of the foods you eat, there is no substitute for good oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth after each meal, making sure to brush for a full two minutes each time. Also remember to floss at least once a day.
It is also very important to keep up with your regular dental cleanings and examinations. That way, if you do have a dental issue, your dentist will be able to catch it early which means treatment may also be easier.
Maintaining your oral health during the fall doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure that you are making smart food decisions and that you are following a good oral care regime.

If you have concerns about your teeth or would like to schedule an appointment, contact The Family Dentist today.

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