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Your Smile is our Top Priority

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    Your Smile is our Top Priority

    Dentistry for the entire family





    High Standards

    A standard of excellence in personalized dental care

    Education & Prevention

    We believe preventive care and education for optimal dental health

    A Positive Experience

    We focus on the beauty of your smile and health

    Uncompromising Safety

    We strictly maintain standards of ADA, OSHA, CDC

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      Our Procedures

      • Dental Implants & Laser Surgery
      • Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Make Overs
      • BRACES - Orthodontist-in-Clinic
      • Crowns and Bridges
      • Gum Disease Treatment and Surgery
      • White Fillings - Teeth Whitening*
      • Invisalign - Invisible Braces
      • Root Canal with New Technology
      • Intra Oral Cameras, Digital PAN & X-Rays
      • Wisdom Tooth Extraction

      Happy Client Happy Smile

      Dear customers,

      Due to Coronavirus (covid-19) .we are Temporarily Closed till further notice.
      For any questions please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you with all your queries Stay safe;)

      Dr. Amanpreet Chopra Dentistry