Invisalign vs. Braces: Pros and Cons

Invisalign Vs Braces, which one is better, this debate has been going on for a long time. Each has its own set of advantages as well as a range of cons.  Let’s have a look at them and find out which one is ideal for you.

We will start with the pros for Invisalign vs Braces:

Invisalign Vs braces, first we will learn about Traditional braces, it have been used to address tooth alignment problems for many years now.  Each tooth is bonded with a metal bracket at first and then all of them are tied with a metal thread. They are not aesthetically pleasing but are the best options for complex cases such as deep bites which can lead to oral health problems. Also, metal braces can resolve tooth alignment problems comparatively faster than other treatments. They are tightened at regular intervals for the best results.

Coming to Invisalign; they have been the go-to option for teeth alignment treatments due to their easy-to-use functionality. These braces are clear and can be custom made as per your requirements which is one of their major selling points. Another benefit of using Invisalign is, you can remove them whenever you want. This means you won’t have to worry about food getting stuck in your braces while having lunch or dinner. You can just remove them while having food and put them back on again after you’ve finished your meal.

Now let’s talk about the cons of both Invisalign vs Braces:

When talking about cons, traditional metal braces does have quite a few. As they put pressure to align teeth, it can result in jaw pain and headaches. Also as mentioned above, food might get stuck in-between the metal thread or the tooth brackets which can be a hassle to remove. The metal wire can also break while you are having hard food.

Invisalign has its set of issues as well. You have to keep your teeth clean, that means you have to brush frequently before putting on these clear braces. Also, you have to remove them before taking meals and keep them at least 22 hours a day.

In the end, it depends on your dental condition to see which one would be better for you. You can contact our dentists at Dr. Amanpreet Chopra Dentistry for expert advice. We serve in Brampton, Etobicoke & Mississauga

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