Why Periodontal Treatment May Be Necessary?

Every time you leave your teeth idle, a sticky film is formed around your teeth known as plaque. It is formed with thousands of bacteria which if left untreated for around 48 to 72 hours can harden into tarter. Tarter is the white accumulated stuff you see around your teeth when unclean. If this tarter is still not removed, it can further harden up and also get attached to your teeth. Removing it may even require drilling it. This accumulation of plaque is simply called Periodontitis, and can lead to damaging the teeth as well the gums if left untreated.

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What Happens in Periodontitis and Why Treating it is Necessary:

Tender Gums

Plaque in a significant quantity can start pushing your gums to make space for itself. The gums, before receding back, they become swollen, puffy and can bleed easily. At this stage it can still be treated through a thorough clinical cleaning and further maintenance of teeth. But it can cause slow deterioration if unmonitored. In order to avoid this, get your Periodontal Treatment in Brampton.

Space between Your Teeth and Gums

After the tarter builds up and multiplies significantly the gums are pushed outward, and small pockets start forming between the teeth and the gums. These pockets act as home for more plaque to form and deteriorate the gums and bone around it.

Bad Breath

Such accumulation of plaque will always produce a foul odor and give you a bad breath throughout the day. Using an antibacterial mouth wash can help temporarily.

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Painful Chewing and Loose Teeth

As the plaque forms around the teeth and the gums are either pushed outward or destroyed, it can no longer give a strong grip to the tooth. Hence the tooth becomes wobbly and can even decay fully in extreme cases.

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